Monday, October 08, 2007

Another Mobile Telephone Stun Gun

Another Mobile Telephone Stun Gun
If I carry on like this I will probably end up with the world's largest webblog catalogue of mobile telephone stun guns. Having previously reported on mobile telephones being re-designed as weapons at this webblog, well here's another. Just to be clear I will not promote where these products can be obtained, but I do highlight that these devices do exist and, as always, ask those who are seizing, handling or examining mobile telephones to take care, so as to avoid personal injury.

This realistic looking smartphone-style stun gun delivers 900,000-volts of so-called "protection" and using only three (3) CR2 batteries. Previous mobile telephone stun guns claimed 800,000-volts or lower. As a generous bonus the manufacturer of this device has added 12 LED flashlight, so that users can white-light blind the vision of their victims before whacking the poor souls with 900,000-volts - how generous! The unit is 4-inches in height and comes with a snazzy holster for those who are fashion conscious. So as to prevent users from zapping themselves the manufacturer as thoughtfully put in two levels of safety - well quite, it just wouldn't do would it for the user to be zapping themselves?
Take care, be lucky.

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