Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The rates of pay

The rates of pay

There is an old saying "never apologise for what you can earn"; quoted in the context relating to the provision of a legitimate service. The order of magnitude of chargeable fees have a ceiling, regarding the provision of expert / consultancy etc services in criminal cases (but ciivil cases too for that matter), as set down within the statutory instrument guidance rules set out currently in the UKSI 2011 No. 2065 LEGAL SERVICES COMMISSION, ENGLAND AND WALES The Criminal Defence Service (Funding) (Amendment) Order 2011. The SI identifies fees/fixed costs for various pay that a person may earn (hourly/fixed), which are shown below.

Before rushing into employment consider whether your unique skillsets are being best deployed and whether the tenure of the employment is going to last longer than 3-6 months? Check whether a company has a quick turnaround of staff. Afterall,you don't want to give up your value (knowledge and skills) within that short period, do you?  Moreover, you may wish to consider if, within the offered salary, you are being expected to pay for vehicle expenses, mobile phone expenditure and other expenses, whether the salary actually is at the value promoted vis-a-vis rolling personal expenditure.

It is being noted that erosion technqiues are being applied to employees salaries and wages where such expenditure is being obligated upon the employee and being used to prop up the business. It is one thing if the business is failing and it is "all hands to the helm", it is entirely another. though, when it is used to improve profits, thus payouts of dividends and commission schemes. Some may find the latter points perfectly reasonable and to others who aren't aware they may wish to re-look at employments offers and investigate what is the real bottonline.

With the above rates of pay presenting a guideline, are you being paid as the expert etc £90.00 per hour or £8.50 per hour?

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