Monday, January 15, 2007

Forensic CaseNotes

Forensic CaseNotes

John Douglas of QCC Information Security ( has produced a new program for preparing contemporaneous notes during examination. Forensic CaseNotes is available free of charge. Nice one, John.

The purpose of CaseNotes is to provide a single lightweight application program to run on the Microsoft Windows platform to allow forensic analysts and examiners of any discipline to securely record their contemporaneous notes electronically.

The main features are:
- Flexible configuration of case meta-data (case details, like the reference number, etc.)

- Secure “write-once, read-many” style of case note data capture
- Full audit trail of case note data entry and meta data edits in a self contained log
- Tamper evident storage of data using internal MD5 hashes for all data entered
- No use of heavy database technologies – all you need is the program and your case file
- Use of AES 512bit encryption (optional) to further secure data in sensitive cases
- Storage of configuration information in a user editable text based .ini file
- Support for running multiple copies of CaseNotes at the same time Tested and works in languages other than English (Japanese, Russian, Greek, Italian, ...)
- Tested on Windows XP, Server 2003 and Windows Vista. (sorry if you use a Mac)
- It’s free! That means no dongles and no restrictions on how many copies you use!

CaseNotes Quick Start Guide

CaseNotes Setup Program

*Microsoft .NET framework v 2.0

*John Douglas informs that Microsoft .NET framework v 2.0 is required to be installed.

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Interesting app. Nice and clean.